• Domestic and foreign coaches from Canada, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Individual analysis of each child by 6 specialists
  • Practicing techniques throws and power skating
  • Detailed video report for each child
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The results of our graduates

We are proud of our every graduate and we do everything to educate successful players.

Andrey Vasilevsky The main gatekeeper of the NHL club "TAMPA-BEI LIGHTING"
  • Silver medalist at the 2012 World Youth Championship
  • Bronze medalist of the World Youth Championship 2013 and 2014
  • World Champion 2014 and holder of the Order of Honor (2014).
  • 2012 World Championship silver medalist
  • Winner of the World Youth Championship 2013 and 2014
  • World Champion 2014 and holder of the Order of Honor (2014).
Ivan Tygydishchev The main gatekeeper of the NHL club "TAMPA-BEI LIGHTNING"
  • Silver medalist at the 2012 World Youth Championship
  • Bronze medalist of the World Youth Championship 2013 and 2014
  • World Champion 2014 and holder of the Order of Honor (2014).
Our graduates play in mhl, khl and nhl

The main objectives and focus of the camp

improvement throwing technique
  • Working off a throwing technique with acting forward of hockey clubs
  • Testing new types of throw for the child
  • 6 hours to work out the technique of throws
  • Video analysis of the mistakes of each child
improved riding skills
  • Improving the speed characteristics of the player
  • Improving coordination on ice due to the author’s program
  • Filming fear and insecurity on ice
  • 10 hours of power skating
individual player training
  • Under the supervision of 1 coach 4-5 hockey players are working.
  • The coaching staff parses individually each
  • Identification of errors and emphasis on their elimination
  • Achievement of high results due to individual approach
game experience enhancement
  • We disassemble and practice tactical methods of player’s behavior on ice.
  • Analysis of the game moments and their working out on the ice
  • Practicing the skills in game situations
  • Preparation of an excellent base for the game in the MHL and KHL
identifying player talents
  • Diagnostics of individual abilities of an athlete
  • Position determination on ice
  • Strengthening and focusing on player strengths
  • Compiling a report with a detailed description of your child’s strengths and weaknesses
Psychological training
  • Psychological preparation of an athlete for the competition
  • The development of team qualities athlete
  • Getting the motivation to improve their talents
  • Work on overcoming the psychological difficulties of hockey
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with the program of every day in our hockey camp

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safety first

We ourselves are parents, so child safety is our priority.

All parents sending their children are worried that something has happened! We have been involved in organizing a summer hockey camp for 9 years and took care of everything so that the stay in the camp was safe and comfortable, and the voucher included everything to the smallest detail and you did not have to think and worry about anything.

meeting at the airport or railway station
Organized meeting and departure at the airport or railway station, transfer to the camp and accommodation.
Wards 24 hours a day
Every child, 24 hours a day, is under the care of coaches and counselors who are fully responsible for their safety.
installed online cameras
You can watch your child online.
Health care
4 honey employee on duty around the clock on the ice, sites and hotel.
full medical insurance
Every child is fully insured in "Rosgosstrakh"
50m walk to the ice palace
No bus movements. The Ice Palace is located 50 meters from our cozy hotel.
comfortable stay in a cozy hotel + modern training areas

Where will we live and train?


upon registration and payment before March 1

Helping you become a professional hockey player.

What will change in 98% of children in just 1 shift

  • Your trainers will notice a positive dynamic in the child’s game.
  • Will be able to become one of the leaders in your team.
  • Increase the power of the hand to throw at least 20% due to the correctly set technique
  • Visibly improve the skating technique: gliding, starting, turning, feeling of ice, skating on the outer and inner ribs, skating back
  • Learn to go to the confident defeat of the enemy
  • Improve dribbling and club ownership
development of communication skills and interesting pastime

The camp is not only daily trainings, but also a rich entertainment program, new acquaintances and a great opportunity to chat with players from around the world.


  • Games and rally for rallying and acquaintance of children, for comfortable communication
  • Organized trips to the Kid Space amusement park
  • Friendly atmosphere, new acquaintances and communication with Svestniki
  • Make new friends from around the world


  • No mother’s shu-shu. So the child will become more responsible and independent.
even parents will notice your baby’s results

Or 7 reasons to send a child to a hockey camp

  • Our trainers invite the best camp participants to their teams.
  • The best trainers start paying attention to our graduates.
  • You will admire your child’s play
  • Significantly improve the level of the game
  • You will be proud of your child’s achievements
  • Will start to noticeably stand out from other players
reviews about our camp

What they say about us

Andrey Vasilevsky The main gatekeeper of the NHL club "TAMPA-BAY LIGHTNING"

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The main task is to improve individual skills, to show the shortcomings and ways to eliminate, to increase the understanding of the training system during the entire hockey way to a mature master.

Our entire team of coaches, which we have formed, are current coaches from various hockey centers in Russia and abroad. And every year we carry out a certain rotation, a partial replacement of coaches. Why do we do this? Because each region of Russia has its own style, uniqueness in the training process, a variety of exercises and methodological features. We exchange experiences, new ideas, improve the methodology, summarizing the accumulated experience.

In 2018, specialists from the USA and Canada will enter the coaching staff of MIHL in Naberezhnye Chelny Information will be confirmed on February 10, 2018. Negotiations are underway.

Over the years, such famous coaches as V. Yerfilov, N. Kazakov, A. Tkachuk (Krylya Sovetov), ​​I. Khatsey (Spartak), M. Komarov (Avangard), A. Vasilevsky (Salavat Yulaev ), G. Bisenieks (ASC Ogre), M. Chekanov (Spartak), V. Fakhrutdinov (Neftekhimik), V. Soloviev (Metallurg), E. Shcherbakov (Spartak), V. Khatin, V. Gerasimov (Salavat Yulaev), A.Yahanov (Salavat Yulaev), Eric Weissman (Slovakia), Peter Novak (Czech Republic), Peter Solmoshi (Slovakia), etc.

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